Turn GDPR Data into Safe Data to Share 


Create a safe precise equivalent of your sensitive data that is no longer subject to GDPR and other data privacy laws.

Trust our revolutionary approach to safe data​

Trust Your on-premise deployment

Improve your data governance and safe share of precise sensitive data equivalent
Create precise data that’s Impervious to cyber security and ransomware threats
Our technology hosted in your environment – we have no access to your sensitive data

Trust our Technology

Real data value preserved into its safe and precise equivalent
Data as a Safe Asset is no longer subject to data privacy laws
True Relationship preserved at an atomic level for every attribute

True Relationship™ ensures that every safely transformed data point is generated from exactly one original sensitive data point – in this case supersampled twice. Preserve the relationships between all of your original data attributes to create a precise equivalent for AI/ML and data tasks.

Trust our class leading metrics

Class leading data privacy, accuracy and utility for every transformation
Our Metrics assure Data as a Safe Asset – outside of GDPR. We never touch your sensitive data
Scientifically proven metrics assure trusted results

Trust Our Numbers


Data Accuracy

Data Realism

Data Privacy

Transform your Business

Data Governance and Compliance

Empower your data owners to maintain sensitive data security, comply with data privacy laws such as GDPR and provide a safe precise equivalent of your sensitive data for data consumers.
  • Your co-workers to achieve internal KPIs related to AI/ML and data analytics.
  • Your outside partners to reach critical AI/ML product or company milestones – shorten procurement, legal, IT security and compliance onboarding of new vendors
  • Data markets and pools to benefit from your and other industry stakeholders data.

ML Ops Lifecycle

Streamline your MLops lifecycle with a safe precise atomic equivalent of your sensitive data.
  • Enable your data scientists/ML engineers to build accurate AI models quickly without sensitive data access constraints and speed your models to market. 
  • Keep your entire MLops lifecycle – model creation, performance monitoring to retraining – within the development environment for class leading data security and model governance.
  • Comply with GDPR’s DSR requirements to delete sensitive data without affecting your ML investments and maintain strong model governance.
  • Eradicate negative geographic effects of your MLOps with safe cross border share of precise safe equivalent data.

Data Science and Analytics

Provide a safe precise atomic equivalent of your sensitive data that is visually and statistically identical to the original data in a safe sandbox.
  • Increase data governance and cyber security protection while increasing data access
  • Speed data science and analytics projects time to market by streamlining and accelerating precise safe data access
  • Easily share your transformed Data as a Safe Asset™ with anyone anywhere in the world to collaborate and transform your business

Transform all Industries

Life Sciences and Precision Health

tomtA.ai equips AI/ML teams with precise safe data equivalents as well as enable safe data sharing with data professionals inside and outside your organization with Data as a Safe Asset™ to accelerate innovation for drug discovery and improve healthcare.

Fintech and Insurance

tomtA.ai enables your MLOps teams to access safe precise data equivalents to create fraud detection, credit ratings and personalized banking products while maintaining privacy to deliver superior customer experience.

Energy Distribution and Smart Grids

tomtA.ai empowers MLOps teams to deliver electric grid resilience, balance and customer efficiency with safe atomic data share at scale. Our True Relationship™ is uniquely suited for geographic and climate risk related workflows that affect delivery. Now safely transform user experience with consumption tailoring and automation.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain

tomtA.ai enables improved planning, production and quality controls throughout your supply chain while maintaining privacy compliance and confidentiality with safe atomic data transformation at scale that withstands constant data privacy law change and continued uncertainty. Enables trust and confidence as well as data accuracy with multiple third party collaborators along supply chain lifecycle.

Transportation and Logistics

Leverage AI/ML with tomtA.ai to optimize movement of people and freight to reduce emissions and improve profit margins while maintaining privacy with safe atomic data transformation at scale. Our True Relationship™ is uniquely suited for passenger, freight and traffic related data.

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