Generate safe and precise data for AI workflows

AI feeds on sensitive data. Don’t compromise quality or compliance with data privacy laws like GDPR. Achieve both with tomtA.

What is tomtA?

Privacy enhancing technology (PET)’s state-of-the-art AI privacy-preserving algorithm empowers you to unlock your data’s full potential and create business-critical data products without data privacy risks. is built on computational differential privacy and advanced AI techniques and generates safe and accurate data from your original dataset.

Revolutionary approach to safe data employs advanced machine learning techniques to comprehensively analyze and model your original datasets’ intricate patterns and relationships. Our proprietary algorithms optimize for robust privacy protection and exceptional precision, generating a data replica that preserves the granular details and multidimensional correlations inherent in your real-world data.

By operating at the atomic level, ensures that the complex interdependencies between all data attributes are accurately captured, empowering you to leverage a statistically equivalent and fully anonymized representation of your sensitive information for a wide array of data-driven applications.

Why use tomtA?

When precision and privacy compliance are critical to AI impact

We’re a privacy first product was founded to tackle the long-standing challenge data-centric product creators face – the inability to work with highly accurate and safe data. Our cutting-edge technology harmonizes precision and privacy, solving the traditional trade-off between these critical requirements.

With, you can confidently leverage the full analytical power of your sensitive data while ensuring uncompromising compliance with the most stringent global data privacy regulations. At, data privacy is a human right.

True data privacy and utilization transparency provides scientifically backed privacy, accuracy, and utility metrics to help you validate and trust your generated anonymized data, tackling the challenges of maintaining customers’ trust while meeting stringent data privacy obligations. Our three current privacy metrics of epsilon loss bound, attribute and membership disclosure risk each correspond to a different facet of your generated data to provide a comprehensive risk analysis for the likelihood of data re-identification by an adversary.

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Preserve every attribute detail of your data performs at the atomic level of your data and even preserves rare instances. The generated data can be used to identify rare accuracies in your data, making it the right solution for your data products.

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Use Cases empowers you to share and use generated data to innovate without limitation from GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and other data privacy laws.

Data democratization

Break down data silos and empower your whole organization with data.

Data sharing

Safely share your generated data across borders and with other organizations.

AI/ML development

Accelerate innovation with safe statistically equivalent generated data during every phase of development.

Product development

Ensure your team has access to safe and accurate data at every stage of development.


Life Sciences and Precision Health equips AI/ML teams with precise, safe data equivalents as well as enables safe data sharing with data professionals inside and outside your organization to accelerate innovation for drug discovery and improve healthcare.

Fintech and Insurance enables your MLOps teams to access safe, precise data equivalents to create fraud detection, credit ratings, and personalized banking products while maintaining privacy to deliver superior customer experience.

Energy Distribution and Smart Grids empowers MLOps teams to deliver electric grid resilience, balance, and customer efficiency with safe atomic data sharing at scale. Our True Relationship™ is uniquely suited for geographic and climate risk related workflows that affect delivery. Now safely transform user experience with consumption tailoring and automation.

Manufacturing and Supply Chain enables improved planning, production and quality controls throughout your supply chain while maintaining privacy compliance and confidentiality with safe atomic data transformation at scale that withstands constant data privacy law change and continued uncertainty. Enables trust and confidence as well as data accuracy with multiple third party collaborators along supply chain lifecycle.

Transportation and Logistics

Leverage AI/ML with to optimize movement of people and freight to reduce emissions and improve profit margins while maintaining privacy with safe atomic data transformation at scale. Our True Relationship™ is uniquely suited for passenger, freight and traffic related data.